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23 Skidoo Mental flotsam of the neurotic variety from overcultured youngish people with a humorously disturbing twist of misanthropy.

Anaphase is a site done by our very own Annalisa, here you can enjoy some very tasty info and good design

Artistica is mag devoted to the arts and artists who create them.
Axis Mutatis is a place to stay connected in the infinite vastness of cyberspace.
Blather is words. bunches of words, strewn about in a twisty tangly web of pontification, insight and nonsensical delight.
c3dric is Cedric's personal site. Yes?
The Colors that they Love is an exploration in words and pictures and the feelings those things illicit. We attempted to create a sort of swallowing environment out of just words and pictures. The really cool part is that we didn't create most of the words or pictures ourselves. You did. is a site done and maintained by Shauna.
Diaryland is a site where you can get your very own online diary!
Dissonance lies on the cutting edge of today's industrial music scene.
DreamArcade brings you the very best Java games in three different categories to please anybody. It takes a special sort of game to be included in the Dream Arcade so you don't have to wade through terrible game after another to find that one gem. Also check out the List of Web Amusements for good, clean Java-less fun.

Endquote who are you? Find out! is another site by Shauna.

the Fortune Cookie you know you want to!

Free to Fly is michael's amazingly creative personal site.

Goblin Design is a site done by Silas, our one and only designer from Germany.

Gustav Holst is a site that was created in 1996. holst was a british composer > most known for his orchestral suite, "the planets". this site is a labour of love by kenric.

iDallas is a place. a place to find info on Dallas. yes, we fear this page very much.

JavaBob is a site for the contravertial band of the same name. How so? find out!

Oh Messy Life is the personal site of Andy. dig it baby.
Redhaus is a site done by our JPM. You know you want it.
Sacrilege a word, a lifestyle, a culture.

Suffocate three words. Art, Love & Self-destruction.

Super Bomber Man 4 is an addicting game, use this site at your own discretion

Solidity began as a site with no purpose, morphed into a site with a purpose, then degenerated back to a site with no purpose. But, to be perfectly honest, that's really the reason it started in the first place. is a site done by taber

w@rship is our forum for social exploration and education.