Our goal isn't to be exclusive. We set up a special mailing list which everyone can sign up for regardless of whether or not they get picked to be a member. It is for people who want to be able to discuss web design with other designers. A big problem is that we get about 3-5 requests to join a day. Since we would like to stay small enough that everyone can know everyone else we can't accept even everyone who is good enough to be a member. The ongoing joke is that we probably wouldn't even accept ourselves. laugh. Even though we can't accept (or even reply) to everyone, we do still enjoy hearing from you and getting a chance to look through your pages.


Go to headquarters and rumage through what the other members are creating online to get a better sense of how you see yourself fitting into new dream network.

Members get free stuff like an account at newdream.net and the support of a tight knit design network. We also help promote their various projects by doing things like adding links to them from the New Dream Network site.



New Dream Network members give back by getting involved and helping out the other members. This includes things like helping out with design suggestions or writing articles for another member's online project. Members also help with the design and upkeep of the newdream site. Read this week's Dreamsheet to see what the members are writing about.

So if you've got a big project that you'd like to see happen and need some helping hands, we just might be the people to help you do it. As long as it doesn't involve hacking. We are not hackers and we are not looking for any.

If you're still interested, fill out this form and send it to us. If you mention the word "hacking" anywhere in your form, it will be deleted. Please also note that all fields are required, but you only have to enter one URL example.







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