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  • DIYSearch - A search engine focusing on websites contributing to the DIY ethic.
  • Ask Jeeves - More of a guru than a search engine. Ask a question in plain English and get a listing of related websites!
  • Hotbot - Hotwired magazine's easy to use and very speedy general purpose search engine.
  • Yahoo! - The original and still perhaps the best.
  • AltaVista - Digital's very zippy and very large search engine. Good, but a little cluttered.
  • Excite - A good engine with reviews of sites as well.
  • infoseek - A spin-off of Yahoo. Pretty good.
  • Albert2 - A directory/search utility offering only the best sites out there as matches.
  • AccuFind - Lets you search all of the different engines from one spot.
  • Lycos - Another early search tool. Worth a look and a try.
  • Magellan - Another engine powered by Excite.
  • OpenText - Yet another...





  • Disinformation - The subculture search engine. Find sites about all of your favorite counter-culture topics.
  • 100hot - A good listing of hot sites by category. More winners per capita.
  • four11 - Information on the web. Find whoever you are looking for wherever they may be.
  • The Electric Library - A good directory of photos, maps, books, articles, etc...
  • BigBook - A giant, searchable yellow and white pages.
  • ON'VILLAGE - Yellow pages plus! Worth a look.
  • LookSmart - An interesting filemanager style system for finding web sites that you want.
  • GTE SuperPages - A directory of business pages, local city info, and more.
  • SHAREWARE.COM - A listing of the best places to find shareware on the net.
  • WhoWhere? - Email address directory.
  • Bigfoot - A good email directory offering some other intersting services as well.

  • MapQuest! - The dopest interactive mapping service on the web! Very useful mapping site with lots of neato features.
  • Yahoo! Maps - A handy way to map something in the United States. Very good.
  • Historical Atlas of Europe - Interesting. Could be useful someday.