Alex works in New York and specializes in illustrations for print advertising. His move to web design has been very strong, and he has a keen eye for composition and layout. Check him out for your own design needs at Sepia Studios.

Andrew works in relative obscurity, balanced precariously on a far corner of the earth, spewing reason and wisdom. benicetobears.

Andy has no bionic limbs, is a design kid, runs Oh Messy Life, proudly proclaims himself as a member of the Atari generation, has a passion for film noir, rips up the dance floor, wears glasses, has a distaste for onions, does the stray cat strut.

Anita brings a fresh perspective to NDN. In her own words:
"I am a funky black chick living in Denver. I am a benevolent capitalist who is kickin' ass and takin' names, so if your foot is broken you can take your weak ass home." What more can I say? Also check out the Darling Minions site.

Annalisa is always doing secret girl stuff at She has an affinity for shiny objects, voyeurism, and the 50's. She makes pictures... mostly

Annie joined in november of 1997. (geeze time flies) She goes to the university of michigan and likes squirrels. i'm sort of afraid of the one in the picture but she seems to think its cute. -grin- Watch out for this one.

Betty rocks.


Brett has added a great deal to our organization during the time he has been with us. His site demonstrates a good use of integrating super-cool design with great content. He has his opinions and is happy to share them with anyone who asks (or reads his page).
Bill has been dreaming more than twice as long as most of us have been alive. He does law in the sunroom of his house in Madison, Wisconsin, so he is there when his brood of teens gets home from school. His work involves intellectual property law and Net law. He's not a designer, but he's with us to help keep us out of trouble and protect us from cyberpirates. His arts are poetry, short story-writing, and speech-writing.
Bing [aka Alex] thinks he's some kind of a musical artist or something, recording/jamming/remixing/writing on all the instruments he plays, messing around with jazz, classical, funk, r&b, and everything in between. He also doodles and designs web sites.
Carlos (crch) is altogether wrapped up in acquiring as much knowledge on graphic design as possible. He is the proprietor of artistica, an on-line e-zine dedicated to the graphic arts. He also does some creatively odd font work which you can see at
Cedric suffocates.
Dallas is one of the founding members of New Dream Network. His personal site, keeps us up to date on his daily happennings. He is hard at work developing another online dream as we speak.
Dinoneil loves.
Jeff has a personal site named Maelstrom Net Continuum. It has gone through a number of changes, even since we've known him. The current incarnation is enticing, and a little bit gorey. He has some interesting thing to say... Check out Axis Mutatis for an example.
Jorge was one of the first NDN proteges. We've guided him and helped him develop his web design skills, which he showcases in the website to promote his drum and bass DJ persona.
Josh is a founding member of New Dream Network. He brings us Weinerland, a look into a bunch of things that we may not have ever known we wanted to know about. His site features an easy to navigate menu, and the acclaimed Counter Misuse page.
Josh @ Endquote believes.
JPM currently lives in Berlin, Germany where he continues to make efforts worthy of the title 'artist' but spends most of his time reading books, writing journals and letters, and planning or remembering world travels. Check out Redhaus, his online persona.
Kai is a pirate. When he is not sailing up and down the coasts of Indochina, looting and pillaging villages inhabited by local innocents, he is contemplating fictional philosophies, baking for beautiful women, and dreaming of ways to corrupt the youth of tomorrow. Make yourself a better person by checking out what he's thinking.
Kelly is a ninja. She loves skateboarding, tempura ice cream, and aliasing. You can peek into her personal life at, or get to know her more philosophical side at She also can be found rambling nonsensically in Spanish on epithet, filing failed design experiments at degree90, and talking to rocks.
Kenric is a student at Williams College, where he studies Music and Japanese. When he's not singing or ranting obscene phrases in japanese, he works as a web designer. Check out his Gustav Holst site
Kristin is a Senior at UMass Lowell. BFA expected December of '99. Overworked, overtired, and overextended, Kristin uses her occasional unexpected creativity rushes to maintain her personal site The Hub. Usually, she is bogged down with design projects for the University Web Office. When she's not designing, or struggling to graduate, she is playing flute.

Meir is meir sadan's personal website, it contains a personal journal that lets you have a deeper insight into his life, as well as a photo archive, which lets you see how he and his friends look like! meir also offers free fonts available for instant download for pc and mac. the hebrew portion of the site, for those who are interested, is located at

Michael is a founding member of New Dream Network. He is responsible for the design and pictures at
Nate exists. That is all anyone knows. All other tracks have been covered.
Nicole is lovely and outspoken. If you think you are good enough you might challenge her on one of her favorite jepordy topics.... 'Saved by the Bell trivia,' 'useless html tags,' 'how to lie "gracefully" to the users of the ISP that you work for,' 'tuning your guitar the wrong way,' 'lip balm,' 'paranoia + bitterness,' and 'getting frustrated with unix.'
Sage is best known for his work on WebRing. He has also taken the Perl skills he developed with that project and brought them to us with his work on Dreambook and blather. He's not just all code and no play, he also has a tender side.

Sara makes us happy.
Shauna tells you the real story at You can also catch a glimpse of this one over at that wonderful design house
Steve is big on design. He's behind such 'masterpieces' as Solidity, Youth Coalition and K-rock. He writes stuff too. Also, he's real uncomfortable talking about himself. Unless of course, he's speaking in third person.
Goblin Design's Silas works as a graphic designer in Germany, spending much of his time working on his own art as well as his web site. Check out his online portfolio, including his selection of custom fonts.
Taber is a freelance web guy hailing from In his spare time he works on projects like Airtoons, and When he REALLY has free time he works on his personal site Check out what's in his wallet or find some neat fonts on his site Taber is a hard worker.
Zannah is one of our most awesomest members. She has quickly become an inspirational figure for our group. She puts her whole life online in writing and her sites intrigue our sense of style.