Dreamer's Choice is a collective of web sites, carefully picked by the masterminds at Newdream Network to be the top of the net!

News has links to several major (and not so major) online newspapers and magazines, plus weather information, sport and music. Get your facts straight! Get 'em from us!

Soapbox lets you make the choice. We present you with all the completely unbiased opinions from the Left, the Right, and just about everywhere in between. Check out who's saying what about what, when and why.

Reference contains links to a host of useful reference tools. Search engines, maps, directories, phone listings, etc. Whenever you have the need to know, you know where you need to go!

Explore brings you links to many diverse places on the web on which you might find out about some of the alternative pans of life, and explore your way through them.

Design is a repository of websites who's design is beyond good. Here you can find sites that are visually stuning, have great concept or are just down right entertaining.